Update- Board Rules

  • Hello All,

    We are pleased to present an update to the Board Rules. Users should find the content condensed, comprehensive and reasonable.

    In addition to this post, please expect a PM from me providing you a personal copy of these rules for future reference.

    If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Team.



    Updated-Board Rules
    Bioco Sighting Place – Forum Rules

    The board rules at Bioco Sighting Place are simple, straight forward and reasonable:

    This board contains erotic content and users must therefore be at least 18 years old.
    This board is primarily a board for sightings, which must be posted in the Pictures section. Webfinds are of course also welcome and must be posted as links in the Webfinds section.
    Prohibited pictures and links are those to/from pay sites, those featuring subjects aged less than 18 and those featuring amputees. Breaking this rule may result in a permanent ban from the board.
    Posts consisting of only a few words will be considered Spam (e.g. smileys or text like "I agree with”, “thank you”, “great picture”....) Such posts will be deleted without notice or reason.
    Members who make no effort to post legitimate content in the first 30 days of registration will receive one "reminder" notice. Following that notice, if no effort is made the user will be deleted. It should be noted that re-registration under a new user name will not be possible.

    We’re looking forward to your future contributions and participation on this forum. If at any time you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact administration.

  • Finde diese Regeln OK, das müsste jeder kapieren

    Wenn ich nicht online bin sitze ich auf einem Baum und futtere eine Banane :) , also keine Dummheiten machen, ich kann auf dem Baum dir gegenüber sitzen :)

  • At risk of being called a perv, are you guys really banning posting of links from youtube, photo sites, social network sites, etc if the subject might be under 18? If so, why? These kinds of finds are all openly accessible to the world, consensually posted, & are not pornographic. A prohibition will surely eliminate a large percentage of webfinds. Most webfinders have shown good taste/ judgement in not posting anything with obviously young subjects, even though there would be nothing illegal about it to my knowledge. .

  • I confirm that we will be pragmatic in applying this rule. We need however to protect a little bit ourselves, but we are fully aware that it is not always easy to judge the age of a person. What we in any case want to avoid is that someone post pictures (sightings or webfinds) of young children.

    Thanks for your understanding.


    A girl, a cast and two crutches. What else?

  • Thanks for the clarification mjeanne & bioco. I think I understand & was hoping it was something like that. However, due to the international nature of this forum you note, there is bound to be confusion about this new rule among the members. I'm curious as to what countries prohibit the posting of links to universally available (legal) youtube & photo hosting site content etc if the subject might be under 18. Have those authorities contacted the site owners? Posting links seems no different than what happens when people "re-tweet" something or a video goes viral. I could see a problem with posting candid street photos of potentially under age persons though. Does the fact that there's "erotic" content on this board subject it to more legal scrutiny in the country where the server is located? Other than the Casted Memories sample material, there seems to be very little that is obviously erotic /porn here , and all of that could be easily eliminated.

  • As said, we will be pragmatic in the application of the age rule. Each user will have to make his/her own decision, but it might be than our moderators then remove a link or a picture. This will not mean that the user will be banned or warned. However it is clear that if a user regularly post pictures of much too young people, then we will have to take some severe actions.

    It is true as well that the rule will be more strictly applied for sightings. For webfinds we assume that if a person puts a picture on the internet, he/she accepts that this picture can be seem by anybody on this planet! He/she therefore also accepts that the link might be posted on a cast fetish board. It is however not a reason for posting tons of pictures of children aged 10 years! In case you have any doubt, please contact our moderators. they will be more than happy to advice you about you can do and not do.

    I'm not sure that the fact we allow erotic content makes the legal authorities to loom closely at what happens on this board. This is in any case not related with the age limit and is mainly driven by the fact most users here are over 18.

    I hope I manage to answer most of your questions.


    A girl, a cast and two crutches. What else?

  • You're right but sometimes the difference between 20 and 17 years in not easy to see .if in doubt what do we do?

    Thanks bioco for the well written rationale for our actions.

    Jeromed & All,

    Once again, our Legal Department ;) advised us to insert this wording in our rules. Additionally, this is consistent with most moderated fetish Web forums.

    Please continue to post your material as you have done in the past. If in doubt, please send one of us a PM.

    When questionable content is posted, a moderator and an administrator will review that content for appropriateness and a decision is made. I will also say that the number of times content is deleted is very few and that content is extremely obvious.

    Thanks to all for your comments and I hope everyone now understands our position.

    Best regards,


  • @ Jeromed

    erstmal möchte ich mich meinen Kollegen anschliessen aber trotzdem sagen das ,das was du schreibst Spitzfindigkeit ist.

    Denke keiner wird hier anfangen die Geburtsurkunde der abgebildeten Person anzufordern, 18 ist die Regel OK und die versuchen wir auch einzuhalten aber ich von meiner Seite werde dir das Bild mit 17/17,5 Jahren nicht löschen. Wenn ich beim Betrachten der Meinung sein kann das die Person über 18 Jahre alt ist. Aber Bilder einer ersichtlichen 16 Jährigen werden gelöscht , kann also auch man passieren das eine sehr jung aussehende 18.jährige Person gelöscht wird aber eine älter aussehenden 17 jähirge drin bleibt , beides lässt sich aufgrund der Fülle des Materials hier nicht vermeiden.

    Das Gesetz schreibt aber vor das diese Personen über 18 Jahre sind und für das Forum gilt das gesetz des Landes wo es gehostet ist, es gibt sicher irgendwo auf der Welt auch Länder wo erst ab 21 Jahre dieses gilt oder wo solche Foren grundsätzlich verboten sind.

    Wenn ich nicht online bin sitze ich auf einem Baum und futtere eine Banane :) , also keine Dummheiten machen, ich kann auf dem Baum dir gegenüber sitzen :)