Under age content

  • Hello Members,

    About once a month, someone posts pictures or links of children in casts on our board. This not only draws disrespects toward the poster, it also shows disrespect for the membership. Also, it makes many of us very uncomfortable and somewhat sickened.

    Posting pictures or links to pictures of children is strictly prohibited and clearly stated in the rules. When you join our forum, you automatically accept the rules of conduct.

    Before posting any questionable content, ask yourself "does this subject look like a child"? If the answer is yes...don't post the link or picture. If you're unsure, contact the moderator. Schimp- Pictures and lp808-Webfinds. Of course, you may always contact me by PM.

    We're not going to tolerate this any longer so consider my post as an "official" warning. I do not enjoy being placed in this position but my primary role is to protect this board, the membership and the dignity of the subjects who may be posted here.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.