Update for the Membership

  • Hello All,

    First, I would like to thank the membership for all you do to make this the best cast fetish Web site. New members are posting content and old members who never contributed are now posting for the first time in over two years. One member told me he "felt guilty" not being a contributor. That's very exciting for me and it's a motivation to improve or Web Space.

    As you know, we provide a free service and our intent is to keep it that way. Bioco remains free during times when everything charges a fee. Please don't take that for granted. We are working with a "Guest Administrator” who is performing an analysis of our current server setup and alternatives that will improve service. I will attempt to off-set any increase in costs with additional sponsorships. However, the poor economy affects all and times are tough.Therefore, please remain patient with our efforts and it may take several months to provide a permanent improvement. I simply want everyone to know that work continues.

    Lastly, I want to thank Schimpanse and lp808 for all they do for our Board. They have covered for me while I work on other issues and manage to do a great job. Also, it’s these guys who allow you to quickly navigate to the content. Thanks again for your efforts. :thumbup:

    Best and Cheers to all,