mjeanne becomes the primary administrator of biocosighting

  • Dear biocosighting members,
    you certainly noticed that for a few months our new administrator mjeanne does not save his efforts to improve the board content, structure and performance. He dedicates a lot of his time for this board and is now clearly the person who makes that this board is still well alive. It is then natural and a pleasure for me to announce that he is now officially the primary administrator of this board. I will of course still be part in the admin team and work in close collaboration with mjeanne, but he is from now your main interlocutor if you have to make complaints, to give congratulations or to make suggestions for board improvement.

    Please join me in wishing mjeanne all the best in his new position and be supportive of his initiatives.

    With my kind regards,

    A girl, a cast and two crutches. What else?