Advanced Sightings Guidelines

  • Hello fellow casters,

    I'm very excited to announce the formation of a new Nomination Board and revised guidelines to access the Advanced Sightings area of our Board.

    We worked for weeks to establish a new definition, process and procedure for member access to this area the Board. We believe these guidelines are fair and equitable to all members and dispel any perception of an "elite group" within Bioco. We are looking forward to new applications.

    Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting an application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Nomination Board.

    I want to express my personal thanks to my fellow collegues: Equus 1007, Fumar and lp808. extra special thanks to you for keeping the group objective in our thought process (especially me ;) ).

    Enjoy the board

    Advanced Sighting Board Guidelines

    What is the Advanced Sighting (AS) Section?
    The Nomination Board feels that shooting high-quality sighting pictures is a demanding enterprise. Also, while high-end equipment eases the task it is primarily the skills (such as e.g. determination, a quick eye, and a certain calmness) which matter. Therefore users can upload what they think are their best sighting pictures to a special designated area which allows only members who contribute actively to the community to view them.

    Who can gain access to the AS section?
    While emphasis is generally on the quality and not the quantity of the posts, for the sake of fairness there has to be a quantitative rule to determine who can gain access.
    Generally, two types of members can access the AS section:

    1) Members who regularly post sightings of high or good quality in the regular board.
    2) Members who regularly post more than five original (i.e. new) web finds per posting.

    For both categories active participation in the main board as well as good behaviour is taken for granted. Furthermore, this Board is thought to be primarily a sightings board and that will always remain the preference. Therefore people posting not any sightings at all will most likely take longer time to gain access to the Advanced Sighting section. However, because the Nomination Board is well aware that we have members who consistently post outstanding Web finds their efforts should be recognized and rewarded with AS access. It remains the responsibility of members to ensure that their Web finds are not reposts by using the board’s ‘search’-functions.

    Who will determine access to the AS section?
    The decision to allow users into the AS section will be the responsibility of the Nomination Board. This Board is composed of 3 persons: mjeanne, chrigi and equus1007 (lp808 will serve as an alternate during a prolonged absence of a regular Board Member). This Board will make the decision to accept or reject candidates for the Advanced Sightings section. It will be a unanimous decision following a discussion between the Board Members. Members who may be accepted or rejected for AS membership will be notified in writing by the Group Leader.

    How do I apply for access to the AS section?
    Any Standard Member can request access to the Advanced Sightings section. However, only someone who believes that he/she meets the requirements described above should request access. This person must send a formal request to mjeanne who will disseminate that request to the other members of the Nomination Board. The Board will then discuss and accept/reject the candidature within ten days. Access to the Advanced Sightings section will never be automatic and no user will get access if he/she does not make a formal request. If a candidate is rejected for membership, he/she must wait a minimum of three months before re-applying.

    What is expected from me as an AS member?
    There is no definite quantitative requirement for maintaining Advanced Sighting membership. However it is expected to regularly post high-quality sightings and/or high quality Web finds and remain engaged in the Advanced Sighting section. Advanced Sighting members are also strongly encouraged to remain active and engaged within the Standard Membership. Previews of AS content may be posted on the Board at the discretion of the Administrator and Advanced Sighting Moderators. Additionally, Advanced Sighting access members agree not to repost Advanced Sighting content anywhere else on the Internet. Re-posting will result in a permanent ban from the Board.

    The Nomination Board will be responsible to ensure that every Advanced Sighting member contributes to this section of the Board. If an Advanced Sighting member decreases his or her level of activity over a period of more than twelve weeks the Nomination Board will contact him/her and engage into discussion about maintaining his/her access to the Advanced Sighting section. Failure to communicate with the Nomination Board after such contact will most likely result in revocation of Advanced Sighting access. For their own assurance the Board encourages Advanced Sighting members to create an archive folder before applying so that periods without sightings can be easily overcome.