New Smiley Icons

  • Do you like the addition of the new Smiley Icons? 15

    1. Yes, I like them. (11) 73%
    2. I don't care. (3) 20%
    3. No, they are silly, delete them. (1) 7%

    I would like everyone to offer an opinion on the new Smiley Icons I recently installed. Keep in mind that they are visible when you "Reply" to a thread/post.


    mjeanne :crazy:

  • Hello fellow cast fetishists,

    I'm closing this poll since most voted to keep the new smiley icons ( I did delete a few). We had 14 votes out of 1800+members. :dash:

    It's disappointing to see such a poor response from the membership as our Managers reach-out with polls and questions for improvement of your forum. :( I hope you appreciate Bioco Sightings and participate a little more. We volunteer our time for the membership and not for ourselves. :pillepalle: