New Moderator Position

  • Hello to all. :hi:

    Our greatl forum has grown considerably in the past six months. As a result, Management is seeking a new member for the Team who will assist in shaping the future.of Bioco Sighting Place

    The successful candidate will work closely with me ( I'll teach you everything ;)) while enjoying the company of the other Managers in daily interaction relating to Board activity. The job description is as follows:

    I'm seeking a new member of the Management Team to develop and moderate the Nomination Board and Advanced Member forum. The successful candidate will also assist me with new member profiles, minimizing spammers, duplicate accounts, invalid email addresses and user inactivity.

    Qualified candidates should possess the following skill set and commitment to "work first, play later": I can't stress this point enough. :this:

    Must be a member in good standing and a reasonable contribututor to the forum during the past year.

    Capable of reading and writing in English.

    Possess average knowledge of PC operations and use of the Internet.

    Have the ability to visit the Board on a very regular basis ( daily preferred not necessary ).

    Monitor all forum and sub-forum activity and edit, delete or report inappropriate content and/or behavior.

    Should be willing and capable of using Skype on an infrequent basis. Due to the importance of this position, a Skype phone conversation with me is required for the final interview.

    The sucessful candidate will enjoy a team atmosphere, access to all areas of the Board, use of numerous functions in the software and assist in the decisions that will shape the future direction of Bioco Sighting Place. Interested applicants should contact me by PM.

    Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Membership for all you do to make this the "hottest" :vain: cast fetish forum on the Internet.

    Best regards,