Forum Software Changes, Additions and Enhancements

  • 8) The Portal- Simply click the button above this message.

    If you haven't visited the Portal lately...check it out :!: I've added new content and moved a few things around. Best of all, you can customize the look and content to your specifications. Don't be afraid to move the boxes to your preferred layout. Once you have the Portal customized, simply click the Submit button and the changes will be saved. Of course, you can always change it back to default. I believe mobile phone users will enjoy the changes and for those on the go, you'll find the Portal provides a quick look at the most recent activity on our forum.

    Please PM me if you have any thoughts for improvement.


  • :hi:
    I made a few more subtle enhancements to the software.
    PM's will now be loaded in "real time" which eliminates the need to re-load the page to receive your message.
    Also, I added a statistics box ( bottom left corner at bottom of page ) that gives you a visual idea on how active we've become.
    Check out the Hit Counter too....Wow!
    As always, please PM me if you have any ideas that will improve the experience here at Bioco. Unfortunately, I never hear from anyone. Does that mean we're perfect? :lol: