I need more help - New moderator position (Position Filled)

  • New Manager Position - I need help!
    Hello everyone, :hi:

    With the Board re-structure and elimination of the Advanced Group and Nomination Board, Fumar and Equus1007 have decided to retire from moderating. We are very busy and I must fill one of these positions ASAP.
    If you're not a frequent contributor and would like to give back to the Board, now is your chance. ;)

    The following qualifications are desired for a successful Moderator at Bioco:

    1. Proficient in reading and writing English.
    2. Basic computer and Internet knowledge. Advanced experience would be ideal.
    3. The ability to devote time for forum management on a regular basis.
    4. Occasional use of Skype to discuss and resolve important or complex board issues.
    5. Interact with other managers and administrator on a frequent basis to solve problems and define the present and future strategic goals.

    In summary, this can be a great experience for the right person. I'ts fun to work with the decision makers and be part of a group of guys who have made and continue to make a difference at Bioco Sighing. :D


  • :lol: Everyone's a volunteer here. The admin & moderators donate countless hours of their time, and even their own money to keep this Board going. If you're still interested in helping us maintain the best Cast & Brace Forum on the 'net, let us know.