New Board Moderator

  • Hello my fellow casters. :hi:

    I'm pleased to announce that papagiorgio has joined the management group at Bioco Sighting Place.

    Papa has earned a masters degree in computer science which will certainly be of value to me and the other guys who work behind the scenes to make this the BEST cast fetish forum on the Internet. However, my primary reason for selecting him was not his educational background. Rather, it was papa's willingness to "give back" to the forum after being a lurker for quite some time. That's an attitude I respect and admire. :thumbup:

    Therefore, please join me in welcoming papagiorgio to the team. :this:

    I also want to thank several other members for offering their assistance. They are: Untamed_Edge, Gipsfreund, carlbeavery and Max 05. I'm going to add another position shortly so remain patient and you'll eventually hear from me.

    Best Regards,