New Banner Photos

  • Hello everyone, :hi:

    I'm excited and proud to formally introduce the new photos on our Forum Main Page Banner. These wonderful sightings were contributed exclusively to BSP by 10 of our most prolific members. I think this is a wonderful way to pay tribute to their fine work and loyalty to BSP. :hail:

    From left to right and starting with the big smile cutie in the blue fiber SAC we thank Jansel, Kuspie, Gipshuelse, Memphis, Moroder, Collar, Drummerboy, Homer Simpson, Zencast and Bernhardt. Jansel and Moroder even received promotions to the FC Group ( w/o 100 points ) for their outstanding effort in contributing high quality material on a regular basis. :thumbup:

    Last but not least I want to thank Papagiorgio, our Technical Moderator for his expertise and creativity in putting it all together. :beer:

    Once again, please join me in saying thanks.

    Best regards,


  • Ich sehe Sie seit mehreren Tagen schon da müsste Provider schon längst aktuallisiert haben :)

    Wenn ich nicht online bin sitze ich auf einem Baum und futtere eine Banane :) , also keine Dummheiten machen, ich kann auf dem Baum dir gegenüber sitzen :)