Making a request to join frequent contributors board

  • I would like to join the frequent contributors board and I am wondering what steps I should follow in order to make this happen. I read the last posting that I could find on the subject but I am unable to get to the board to even make the request because I keep getting told I don't have permission to enter (obviously). Given the amount of time I've spent as a member here and the good standing that I have here, I'm sure that access will be granted but I want to make sure I follow the proper procedures so any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thank you for your request, fricast! Did you follow the path laid out in this post and it didn't work for you? If so, thanks for bringing that to our attention! We'll look into it.
    In the meantime I'll bring your request forward to the moderators and we'll let you know of the outcome :-)

    All best,

  • Thank you very much for replying to my post regarding my request to join the FC group. I did read the post that described the requirements and application process for joining the group, but I couldn't find the proper path outlined in the post. When I would click on the frequent contributors group to make the request, I would get redirected immediately due to the fact that I did not have permission to enter. I certainly would not rule out it being an error on my end! I'm probably not the most tech savvy person you'll ever meet, but I thank you for passing on my request and I hope I'll get strong consideration to join. Thank you again for your response.

  • Is there an administrator or someone out there that can please provide me with feedback on this matter? I'm willing to follow all of the proper procedures, etc. I could just use a little guidance here. Please send me a message, make a post here or send me an email if you would prefer. It's been a week since I made this request and asked for some assistance and I would just like to hear back from someone.