Black Mail Attempt

  • Please note that a gentlemen going by the name of Bernard Tompkins has gained access to your sight, and is attempting to black mail me for viewing sights as my free cams, & chaterbate. He's looking for $ 2200 in bit coin. I will now avoid any of these sighting posting, and suggest everyone else do the same.

  • Sorry to hear that, but it's more likely that your device(s) have been compromised allowing the criminal to monitor your web activities. I see no indication that an attacker could've found info on your offsite activity through our forum.

    Please keep us posted, (through the "conversation" feature (pm) if you like. Also, if anyone else experiences something like this, pls let us know. I'd advise all to keep their security up to date and use all privacy / anonymity tools available, especially if you visit porn sites.