Happy New Year + reminder about sponsorship

  • Dear BSP members,

    as a new year has just started the admin team would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. We hope 2019 will bring you happiness, success and health as well as many good experiences related to your cast, brace or any other fetish. Of course, we also expect numerous contributions from each of you as this is what makes BSP to be today the n°1 board for cast and brace fetish.

    We also take this opportunity to thank alexpwm for financially supporting our board through the display of several banners at the top and bottom of each page. Not only this long-term support is very much appreciated, but it is essential to ensure the development of this board. Needless to say that we strongly encourage you to have a closer look at the paysites managed by alexpwm, namely Casted Memories, Broken Angelz and Broken Devilz.

    Note finally that 2019 marks the 10 years anniversary of BSP. Be ready for some celebration!

    With king regards,

    The BSP admin team

    A girl, a cast and two crutches. What else?