Introduction of an advertizement fee

  • Dear BCP members,

    this board has become one of the most popular (if not the most popular) for cast and brace fetish, and this has led to a regular increase of posts advertizing for pay sites (including Patreon and Clips for Sale). We believe that using this board to promote a commercial activity justifies paying a symbolic contribution to help making this board sustainable. Consequently, we have decided that everyone advertizing for his/her own pay site has to pay a fee of 50$ per year, effective as of today. Payment of the annual contribution should preferably be executed using Paypal (, but please contact us if this solution is not convenient to you.

    Of course, this new rule does not apply to pay sites that already support this board as a sponsor through banner placement.

    We thank you for your understanding and remain at your disposal should you have any comment.

    The BSP Admin team

    A girl, a cast and two crutches. What else?