Trashed posts

  • Just wondering about why there was a change to trashed posts from the old deleted posts?

    The main difference was with a deleted post the post author could still see the post, and as a result see exactly where the problem was in their post.

    With a trashed post you have no access to it. Which makes it more difficult to know which of your posts there was a problem with if you had multiple posts up in a short period of time.

    For example I recently had a post trashed with a reason of being too young, which I believe was trashed in error. The Lady in the youtube video appeared to be younger/close to the line, but I had previously looked though her youtube videos and saw earlier videos she posted making reference to her 18th birthday party.

    At least I think that is the post that was trashed based on my best recollection, but have no way of confirming as I can't see the link with trashed posts.