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  • Hi @ all:

    it's always the same old game: Some guys post paysite-material, other members say "good find" instead of reporting such threads. It is impossible for us to check evrey link - and if we get along with this, it does not mean that we know every paysite - pic around the world. So PLEASE report threads as soon as you come along those links. Just click on the "report"button and write down your message - "paysite link" would even be enough!
    To those who absolutely don't respect paysite issues: In the future, we will have a very close eye on this subject. Of corse, it may happen, that you post such a link without knowing. But we will have to keep a strict eye on that. If somebody posts paysite links - we may warn him and he might loose his right to view pictures. In case of repetition the user may be banned.

    Please understand this, it's a matter of justice and moral.

    The admins

  • Leider ist es mal wieder an der Zeit um diesen alten Thread hoch zu holen :(
    Bitte beachtet, dass das Posten von copyright-geschützen Material (insbesondere Bilder und Videos von Payseiten) illegal und ein Verstoß gegen die Forenregeln ist.
    Uns ist es klar, dass es nicht immer leicht ist, solches Material auf den ersten Blick zu erkennen.
    Was überhaupt nicht geht, ist das posten von Paysite-Clips, auf denen zu Beginn sogar noch der Name der entsprechenden Seite eingeblendet ist. Hier braucht keiner von einem Versehen sprechen und wir werden das auch nicht tolerieren.
    Bitte haltet euch unbedingt daran, andernfalls wäre ein Ausschluss aus dem Forum die Folge :banned:

    Sadly it is time to recall this old thread :(
    Please keep in mind that the posting of paysite protected material (particular pics and clips from paysites) is illegal and a violation against our board rules.
    We know, that it is not always easy to spot such material on a first view.
    But it is an absolute no-go to post paysite clips with the name of the appropriate site. Nobody can talk of a lapse in this case and we will not tolerate this.
    Please obey this at all times as we are forced to ban you from the board in case of violation. :banned: