• I have noticed problems too. For the past few days the opening & login pages have been very slow to load & they open with errors. After login, the pages do not load properly, i.e. the color background does not appear. The problem usually corrects after you open/view a few threads in the forum.

  • As former admin and founder of this board and I am a little concerned about this board. It is a pity, that no one of the team seems to be able to answer the upcoming questions of the users although everybody should know what is the reason for the difficulties.
    At the beginning of the year, we already experienced seroius access problems, because the board became too big. The only chance we had was to delete some older content. After this, the situation got better. But now, after some stuff is posted again, we are close to the limit of the server again.
    After we found out (with help from BCF - Thanks!) that the server is the problem, we have only the chance to move the server. This should be not so a big problem, it should be affordable too. But for some reason nobody of the current team wants to do anything. And so this board comes into a dangerous circle: Users will not contribute anymore because the connection ist too slow - and the users that are still posting will probably lead to a drop down of the server. This should be the end of the board...

    The only way to avoid this is to find an engaged team...

    Just my two cents...

  • I just would like to mention that I'm fully aware of the connection problems that we are all experiencing for several weeks. As you may know I do not have any technical skills to solve these problems. This is the duty of our technical admin to find a solution and in that purpose I sent him a message this evening. However if anybody has some solutions to propose, I would be very happy to hear them. I agree with Homer that this board is lacking a strong management team and I would be happy if one or more persons would agree to join the admin team to strengthen it and ensure keeping this board alive. If nothing changes in the coming weeks I also believe that the death of this board could become a reality.


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