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    There might be dirty links (pun intented), but I strongly doubt pictures hosted on the board contain viruses. Are there any other users who might be able to identify the offending page (through their antimalware or antivirus software popping up)?

    Hi everybody,

    I haven't noticed any issue.

    However, blankrefer could be intermittently down or slow to respond. The workaround is easy: just remove the "blankrefer" part from the url (i.e. the beginning) and open the link (i.e. the part starting with the SECOND http from the address bar.).

    Interesting side note: if the place you are surfing from already removes referrer and other http headers (like my workplace does), the forum software doesn't add the "blankrefer" part - which comes handy for me since my workplace also blocks "blankrefer" urls. However, this forum behavior is determined at logon. So if you have issues, you may want to log off, empty your browser cache, and log back on.


    Hi everybody,

    I apologize in advance is what follows is straightfoward or obvious to some, or - even worse - if there's a much simpler way to achieve what I will describe. I hope this may help some of you though.

    I recently noticed that vine videos could not be easily saved to hard drive anymore (I used to be able to do that by just right-clicking). Seems to be the case with both "Internet Explorer" and "Chrome". I'm describing below a simple method to save them for your collection ;-) . This applies to vine now (October 23, 2013), at least for me... things may change... they do all the time with such websites.

    What follows applies to the "Chrome" browser, but it will probably be easy to apply a similar method to other browsers. Let's take for instance one of yeahstix's nice webfinds (in his post Web Finds yeahstix webfinds ), i.e. .
    1. Follow the link above (i.e. click on it)
    2. Display the source of the page (by right-clicking)
    3. Use the "find in page" function of your browser (CTRL-F under Windows on most browsers) in order to find ".mp4" (don't forget the leading dot). There will be multiple hits. Check them one by one until you find a clickable one. It will be of the form "…rEFngFl3sWu3S7hrAkKxmSgax ".
    4. Click on that link
    5. From there, you can right click and "save to disk" (using right-click in "Chrome", or choose "save" in "Internet Explorer".

    Hope this may help some of you

    Vlad has been confirmed as non-working.
    Everyone has to understand that the "indirection" provided by protects our community, since it prevents for instance blog owners to discover where all this sudden traffic growth comes from after they post pictures of their broken arm/leg/whatever.
    So, until is fixed or we find an equivalent service, open the link, delete the "" part of the url in your address bar - and you will access the link. It's a pain... but it protects us.


    I think that if you use the add-ons (for whatever browser) that allow you to open many many links "at once", you may stumble onto that problem. I only encountered it once, and for security reasons, it makes sense to leave it on.
    Please indicate whether the problem is recurrent and/or really bothersome.

    Vlad may cause a series of problems. For me, for instance, when I'm at work, it's filtered out by the firewall, so I can't access ANY page. The trick then is simply to edit - by hand - the url in order to remove the "" part.

    Tools like "" are a necessary evil. If we didn't use them, the referrer website would be easily available and blog and other website owners would be quickly alerted of large amounts of traffic coming from biocosighting to their holiday pictures or whatever... something we don't want !


    Hello punkcast,

    Can you please give an example of a post in which you encounter that problem (just copy and paste the address of the thread in your message) ? I think i've encountered it once or twice, but not lately.
    For instance, in castronaut's post [mixed casts] Castronaut Webfinds , there is a mix of fbcdn with and without the "a" in the url - I can see all of them. Also, can you tell us more about your specific setup (browser, operating system, specific error encountered ...) ?

    Thank you