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    Yas, you are partially correct. You are not able to see enlarged images due to the rules here at BSP. Once to have gained a certain amount of activity points that are earned by posting content, you will get some features unlocked to you such as viewing enlarged images.

    If you have content you can share here at BSP, do so and we will be sure to get you those features unlocked asap.

    Looking forward to what you have to share!

    Hey guys,

    So what do you guys all use to record on screen video? Such as the webcam footage some of you get or if I am watching a long video and just want to capture certain portions? any safe downloads to use or does windows 8 that I am using already have anything?

    looking for some help,


    thank you for asking!

    To "Link" to the board without linking directly to the account, simply right click on the image you would like to link to then select "copy image location". This will copy the link to the image to your clipboard but not link to the account. Then you can simply "paste" it to your post here at

    Also, when linking to webfinds. be sure to title what exactly the pic contains. SLC, crutches, aircast, ect ect. Members tend to like that :)

    Hope this helps and we are all looking forward to what you have to offer!!

    Here is My entry. Green SLC. NWB. Very attractive gal. Captured this and a few more of her while at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. The rest of the set can be viewed @ my Flickr Account. Enjoy!!


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