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    Hello everyone,

    I have returned from retirement to help with the problems and restore the functionality of the board. Please be patient with me as I assess the scope of this project and the required resources.

    I will need the assistance of two new managers; one who can speak German and English and a second who is proficient in English. There is no prior experience necessary. Those who help will be granted lifetime access to all areas of the board. Interested candidates should contact me by

    Once I have a plan in place, I will provide an action plan and timeline in the form of an announcement. In the meantime, please send me a private note with your concerns or ideas.

    I have missed many of you and look forward to enjoying this wonderful forum once more.

    Best regards,


    Please Read - You are responsible for the content of this announcement and agree to accept and adhere to these guidelines as a condition of membership.

    Frequent Contributor Forum Rules Updated 3/18/2016

    This Section was created to recognize and reward those members who have been instrumental in helping make Bioco Sighting Place the best and most successful Ortho Fetish Board on the Internet. Please read these guidelines carefully. Once you have permission to access the FC Group its use implies that you accept the Board's Rules, Terms of Service and will abide by a code of conduct. Lastly, this announcement is considered an addendum to the Board Rules. :grumble:

    Admission into Frequent Contributors' (FC) Section:

    Users with 115 Activity Points, a minimum of 2 years of membership, consistent participation and submission of quality contributions and be considered by the moderators to be a member in good Standing (completed profiles, valid email address and no infractions w/in 1 year). Any user who meets these minimum qualifications will be considered as full member in the FC Group. All users seeking FC access must apply by selecting Profile -> User Groups - > Frequent Contributor Group. Failure to follow these instructions will result in the rejection of your application.

    Additional and Important Information

    Management may, at their discretion waive the 115 point requirement or any requirement as appropriate for those users (new or existing) who have made and/or continue to make outstanding contributions to the community. Management may also deny admission if a user attempts to increase their Activity Points by creating new threads for similar material, posting comments that add no value to the thread, reposts, and a history of posting only YouTube videos or mediocre Webfinds. Users who consistently post Webfinds as links and never upload the better finds as attachments may also be denied access.Quality/ unique and diverse contributions will always be given greater consideration over the total number of posts. Users who have incomplete profiles and invalid email addresses will be automatically denied access until that user corrects the deficiency. No exceptions will be made.

    The requirement for continued membership in FC is contingent on continuing as a consistent contributor to BSP while adhering to all other guidelines and/or rules. Admittance to the FC Forum is something to be proud of because it means you serve as an example of the most respected members in our community. We encourage you to post only your best/favorite material in the FC Forum. This forum was developed for you to share and interact with other Frequent Contributors with little to no interference or moderation. Most importantly, it sets new standards and serves to motivate other members to participate accordingly. :hail:

    Posting Rules:

    1. The FC area is reserved for posting high quality sightings, webfinds, or classic pictures. The material you choose will be viewed by a small group of fellow frequent contributors. Reposting of FC material, anywhere on the Internet will not be tolerated and will result in a lifetime ban from BSP. No exceptions and no second chances. :banned: :closed:

    2. Users should continue to post material in the main sections, however, all FC members are required to make a minimum of 4 contributions/year to the FC Forum, exclusively. You must upload all pictures directly to the Board as attachments. If that is not feasible, you must contact the Administrator or Super Moderator for guidance and direction. Posting links to Webfinds is not permitted in the FC Forum unless approved by management. :pardon:

    3. Continued access to the FC area is contingent on your group participation. This is only reasonable since it's the member contributions that keeps BSP the most exclusive forum of its type in rthe world. We've enjoyed an enormous amount of growth and participation over the past 5 years and these rules or guidelines will assure continued participation and subsequent success. :this:

    I apologize for the numerous rules and very rigid procedure , however, you can thank those few guys who never follow instructions and make all of this necessary. :dash:

    I wish to extend my personal thanks to many of you for the hard work and commitment to BSP. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a concern, an idea for improvement or simply have a question. Of course, the other managers can also assist with most issues.



    How do I search with a whole sentence in the search engine here?


    Use the Advanced Search option. If you click the green arrow to the right of the Search Box another dialog box will appear.

    Review the numerous options, modify a few times and hopefully you'll find what you are looking for.



    Christoph, Engessada and/or Solar????


    I have approximately 50 pictures I'd like to post in the leg cast thread. What is the best way to go about posting them when there is a 20 attachment maximum limit? I was going to post the first 20 then reply and post more until I have posted all the pictures, but I thought there might be a better way.

    It may be a bit inconvenient but the most practical way for now.

    Thanks for asking, Fricast. :)

    Not an issue when downloading VLC in Apples Appstore. If you download VLC for your PC from there's no malware. Software should always be downloaded from the developers site. Never use sites like or Softpedia etc.

    It's not malware but rather browser add-ons you may not want. Even if you download the software from Videolan you should select "Decline" each time you are prompted. This statement applies to all "free" software (why do you think it's free?).

    Happy New Year.

    I hate bothering people here, but I'm unsure on the difference between being a registered and recognized member. I have a bit more than a handful of threads with finds, etc. I thought activity points above 20(7+ threads with contributions) made you a recognized member, but I see no change on my account. Not complaining, I'm happy to keep contributing, I'm just curious how this works here exactly.

    You deserve to be a Recognized member so now you are. :D

    Please complete DOB in your profile since all members must be at least 18 to participate ;) Also, be sure your email is updated or password recovery will never work.



    I still miss you. :this:

    Thanks for always having my back.


    That's very unusual.

    Anyone else having a problem? Is this a recent problem or has it occurred in the past? Any changes or updates to your security software?

    Thanks for the info and as Lp wrote, this is the first time we are hearing about a possible issue. I use Chrome and have had no problems on this page.

    Isolated connection issues are common and usually nothing to worry about. However, consistent problems with connectivity usually mean there's an issue with with your ISP or your equipment. The latter recently happened to me and I isolated it to a new Motorola cable modem. I placed my old modem back in service and my internet speeds are very fast and connectivity issues have completely disappeared.

    Let us know if this continues to be an issue.



    Hello all,

    With the holidays around the corner I would like to add some holiday decorations to our banner. My snowfall plugin was a huge failure last year so I'm trying to redeem myself. :pardon:

    Therefore, if you think you can be creative and add some cheer to our Web site please PM me. Of course, no good deed goes without recognition. ;)



    Hallo zusammen,

    Weihnachten steht vor der Tür und daher möchte ich unser Banner etwas festlich schmücken. Mein Schneefall-Plugin war letztes Jahr leider ein Misserfolg, daher möchte ich versuchen, mich zu rehabilitieren :pardon:

    Wenn du denktst, du bist kreativ und kannst unserer Seite ein bisschen Festtagsstimmung verleihen, schicke bitte eine PN an mich. Natürlich wird jede gute Tat auch belohnt ;)

    Schöne Grüße