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    well, in my opinion , ok hes very aktive , but most of his posts are responses of the posts of other users , so i think we should wait bevore we give him a to fast access.

    the answer to his queastion " is it possible ......." . Yes it is possible, because if it would take shorter he would already have ACCESS :) or the response of one of our admins.

    Pls be gentle we will give u an answer.

    So I think most of my posts are own sightings and I also think beside me there aren´t a so many users they almost post only own sightings. To post any webfinds, photos from the net every day it isn´t really difficult,there are millions every day. I almost do long videos of my sightings. It´s hard work. Honestly for me it´s a bit unfair to say that I only will post responses of the posts of other users. That's exactly what I do not. I only give some Likes to good sightings like many other users here.

    Hallo zusammen,

    habe mich vor über einem halben Jahr für das FC-Board beworben und bis heute noch keine Antwort erhalten. In meinem Profil steht der Status weiter auf "Unbearbeitet".

    Ich will jetzt nicht ungeduldig wirken, aber kann es wirklich sein, dass es so lange dauert, bis man eine Antwort erhält?


    I've applied for the FC-Board more than a half year ago and still I ´don´t get any answer.

    Is it possible that it will take such a long time?

    Kind regards


    I can´t upload any videos by using the function "attachments" and then the button"upload" (video ending mp4)
    Does anyone know what could be the reason?