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    how many Points do i need ?

    You should find information about this in the following thread:

    Forum Rules Update - February 2015

    However, I should acknowledge that we experience some issues with automatic promotion to the "recognized member" status (which allows viewing in full size), so please contact me again if you meet the criteria described in the rule, but can still not view pictures.


    Is there a reason I am denied access to viewing pictures in posts?

    Sorry for the inconvenience! I believe I've identified the source of the problem,,, and I've tried to solve it! Can you try again?



    I assumed you still had to use a link from PhotoBucket or some other site.

    No, the recommendation is to post the picture and not a link to the picture. The reason is that a link has a limited duration and may not work in the future. So, we recommend to save the picture on your computer and upload it from there.



    Very simple!

    1) Click on "Attachments" below the text box

    2) Click on "UPLOAD"

    3) Browse your computer to select the files you want to share

    4) Click on "SUBMIT" once your text is ready and your attachments have been uploaded

    Looking forward to seeing your first pictures.

    Hello GipsBein0815,

    after discussions within the admin team we have decided to reject your request to access the FC board. The main reason is that your contributions in terms of sightings and webfinds is below the requirements to become a Frequent Contributor.

    Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the delay to make a decision.



    Is it possible that it will take such a long time?

    I would like to aplogize for the delay. We experienced some changes in the administration team and put the access to FCB process on hold.

    We will do our best to get back to you with a response by the end of the weekend.

    Thanks for your understanding!


    Hi unoit77,
    it seems that the PowerPoint format is not supported on this board so one alternative could be to create a zip file, which is a supported format. It will then of course be required to unzip the file in order to open the original document and have a look at the pictures.

    This is not a very smart solution, so maybe someone will have a better one...


    Dear biocosighting members,
    you certainly noticed that for a few months our new administrator mjeanne does not save his efforts to improve the board content, structure and performance. He dedicates a lot of his time for this board and is now clearly the person who makes that this board is still well alive. It is then natural and a pleasure for me to announce that he is now officially the primary administrator of this board. I will of course still be part in the admin team and work in close collaboration with mjeanne, but he is from now your main interlocutor if you have to make complaints, to give congratulations or to make suggestions for board improvement.

    Please join me in wishing mjeanne all the best in his new position and be supportive of his initiatives.

    With my kind regards,

    I just want to add two things to the valuable comments that have been made until now:

    • I do not have any issue with hot stuff being posted on this board, but it is important that a mention of this is made in the thread title.
    • If the concerned pics are from a model, then they have to be posted in the REC-casts section, and it does not matter if they feature arm or leg casts. I would be very surprised to see hot stuff in sightings. I personally never saw a nude girl walking on crutches in the streets of Geneva ;).



    Bioco, thank you for looking into this process. I agree with your statement that sightings and quality should be priority versus just webfinds.

    thanks Paul

    Thanks for the positive feedback. Although we do not want to have quantitative rules, we do our best to make fair decisions and to apply the same rules for everybody. There is of course no perfect system, but we aim at being as perfect as possible ;)


    As said, we will be pragmatic in the application of the age rule. Each user will have to make his/her own decision, but it might be than our moderators then remove a link or a picture. This will not mean that the user will be banned or warned. However it is clear that if a user regularly post pictures of much too young people, then we will have to take some severe actions.

    It is true as well that the rule will be more strictly applied for sightings. For webfinds we assume that if a person puts a picture on the internet, he/she accepts that this picture can be seem by anybody on this planet! He/she therefore also accepts that the link might be posted on a cast fetish board. It is however not a reason for posting tons of pictures of children aged 10 years! In case you have any doubt, please contact our moderators. they will be more than happy to advice you about you can do and not do.

    I'm not sure that the fact we allow erotic content makes the legal authorities to loom closely at what happens on this board. This is in any case not related with the age limit and is mainly driven by the fact most users here are over 18.

    I hope I manage to answer most of your questions.


    I confirm that we will be pragmatic in applying this rule. We need however to protect a little bit ourselves, but we are fully aware that it is not always easy to judge the age of a person. What we in any case want to avoid is that someone post pictures (sightings or webfinds) of young children.

    Thanks for your understanding.


    If these pictures are webfinds, then I would suggest to upload these pictures somewhere on the web (facebook, flickr...) and to post then the links here.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your pics!


    I fully agree with lp808 that it is an utopia to have 80% of active users on a board, unless every user who is not active for a week is banned!!

    It is true that for now we ignore the true reasons for which the board is so slow. Although it is pretty unlikely the number of users may be partially responsible for that. this is the reason why we decided to delete all "dead" accounts. Our aim is absolutely not to create an elite boards with only some dozens of members. I'm in favor of having an elite section for prolific users (Advanced members) but the board should be open to all visitors, at the condition we make sure this does not slow down the system.

    Anyway we will do our best to submit most of our decisions to all users before translating them into actions. Your opinion is welcome and as mentioned by mjeanne, please do not hesitate to send us your ideas and suggestions.


    A possible for which post counts are not consistent could be that posts in some sections of the board are not counted. However i could not find any proof of this...