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    I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying you have your own pics on vk that you want to post on Biocosightings, or that someone has stolen your pics and reposted them on vk? Let us know.


    Apologies for the late reply to you, and everyone else who put in recent requests. We just promoted you and few others who clearly deserved it; and for some of you, this promotion was long overdue. To all in that group, we thank you for all you've contributed over the years.

    To all who are aspiring to be promoted, take a look at the posting history of Westy1975, ddcaster, flover, and others for the kind of activity that qualifies. Consistent contribution of content- original sightings, captures or webfinds is what we're looking for.

    To those of you who've started posting a lot of random comments , "thanks" , and single pic low quality finds in hopes of advancing based only on your post count , you're just wasting your time.


    I am having the same issue, I have 25 posts and 298 points but get access denied when I click of photos and videos.

    Believe it or not, this forum is monitored by both software AND humans. 20 posts doesn't automatically grant access. Countless new members have tried to get quick access to our content by commenting on other posts, posting single ( old ) webfind pics or already well know YT vids in succession, etc. That never works. For a good example of the kind of posts that qualify to advance your status, take a look at the guy ahead of you, "Islandfish". Good quality original finds and sightings are what we're looking for. You've already posted a few of those, so you're on your way. Also re-read the forum rules about (not) posting underage content , stuff from paysites and from your fellow Casters.

    pictures on biocosighting like isightcast

    Please be more specific or copy and paste the url of the problem post or link into this thread. Isightcast posts his pics as attachments. I just opened a few and had no issues. Did you run a malware scan on your device and are all your protections up to date?


    In recognition of your contributions to the Caster community over many yrs, and the pics you've contributed to us so far, I changed your status so you can view the pics and vids. Let me know if you have any problems.


    I am new to this board and was wondering if there is rule on posting strictly cast content as I know many of us also have foot fetishs. Would I foot fetish thread be an acceptable addition?

    Welcome to the forum PinkSlc. You're welcome to start a new foot fetish thread. If you're posting webfinds, put them in the "other" section here:

    Other Webfinds


    Do you mean videos you try to upload to BSP or videos you try to open in your browser on YT etc? If "Hide Refer" is a Firefox add on you've installed, try disabling it and use a different referrer hider/blocker.

    Sorry to hear that, but it's more likely that your device(s) have been compromised allowing the criminal to monitor your web activities. I see no indication that an attacker could've found info on your offsite activity through our forum.

    Please keep us posted, (through the "conversation" feature (pm) if you like. Also, if anyone else experiences something like this, pls let us know. I'd advise all to keep their security up to date and use all privacy / anonymity tools available, especially if you visit porn sites.

    We removed the previous Bitcoin mining scripts, but we were attacked again. The latest intrusion has also been dealt with. We're taking more comprehensive measures to secure the Board. Not sure why "blankreferer" is causing an alert. We've had that installed on the Board for many years. When opening links to other sites on BSP, the blankreferer script prevents the linked site from knowing where you came from. This protects the board and its users

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    You're confusing posts with threads. A thread is a unique post that you create that either you or other members subsequently reply to. For example, you make a post for your own SLC finds. That is the start of a new THREAD. When you add more finds to your thread at a later date, or another member replies with comments or photos, those replies are POSTS, not new threads. I checked your activity and you've been credited with 2 threads - one was your post were you asked how to become a Recognized Member. The other was the one where you started posting your SLC finds. You attempted to create several new threads by posting 1-2 SLC pics under different topic headings. We don't allow that here as it's an unfair way of attempting to achieve the required activity level. We aren't singling you out. Every Recognized Member gained their status under the same rules. All your 1-2 pic SLC "new threads" were combined with your ORIGINAL slc thread, and count as new posts, not threads. We also don't allow members to post 1-2 pics of the same subject matter a few minutes or hours apart in an attempt to boost their post count. We require members to combine their contributions into a single post instead. Please be patient and continue to make regular contributions. You'll find that you can achieve RM status quickly. BSP has unique rules, but our rules are the reason why we have the most content and least BS out of all the forums.
    lp808, Moderator

    No need for apologies, you posted in the right place and we appreciate your warning to the whole community. Mjeanne was just noting that he created a separate discussion of this topic among BSP managers. We take the issue of troublemakers in our community very seriously.

    So, what does "Libor" do exactly? He takes your money but doesn't deliver what he promises? Anyone else have experience with this guy?