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    dl109 - I had fun finding that! To change to English language click on Control Panel (your icon top right) and choose Settings then General. You can choose German or English language at the top of this section.

    Biocosightingteam - Thank you for the information.

    I fully understand the reason for the change. Like anything new it takes a bit of getting used to but I do find the forum layout and appearance rather confusing. With the old forum layout, headings and sections were more clearly identifiable. One thing that could help is if it would be possible to select a dark background.

    One small glitch is that this page (accessed when clicking Bico Sighting Place link at the top of most pages) simply shows recent activity with no links or access to anywhere else on the forum. You need to click on a post and then use that to find a link back to the forum itself.

    Thanks for all you hard work.