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  • We need to talk...[m back.

    • Hello Mark. Sorry, I'm travelling right now (I am in Russia), but I'll try to connect later tonight.

    • Can you simply provide me with an assessment of the current state of our forum? Simple and informal. Please feel free to use 4 letter word if necessary. I've used many these past few days. Lol.
      Was the cryptominer most likely installed from within?
      What do I need to accomplish, in addition to my list in the mod ctr.
      What is most important for this forum, now, is for you to speak openly and honestly because I'm going to finish the job this time.

    • - Visual identity should be restored by providing the right css. For the moment, the old visuals are gone, and it looks like a botched upgrade (which I understand under the circumstances), but it won't be maintainable much longer looking like shit as it does now.

      - Cryptominer: either comes from all-inkl or from inside. One should ask all-inkl if other customers of theirs were affected. If none were, it probably comes from inside.

      - A strict list of people with access to ACP and/or ftp access should be maintained. Passwords should be changed on a regular basis. (Simon gave me the new ftp password - I think one person should maintain that list)

    • There is still a threat present. Malwarebytes keeps blocking a threat when I logon to this site. Earlier today my CPU was running up to 100%. This site should be shut down.

    • Please send me the exact message from Malwarebytes. Symantec (which is pretty good at detecting this) used to give me warnings, but has cleared this site now.
      If it is confirmed that another malware is present, I can try and clean it, then you'd need to change the ftp password and give it only to ONE techie.