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  • Fucking German. Can't make ass end out of it,

    Hello, Paul. I'm back! A guy can;t even enjoy a retirement. What the hell.

    If you haven't already figured it out, I found the language setting in my user profile settings.

    I'll be around again ,regularly, so let me know if you can't find it.

    • MJ thanks, you note prompted me to dig around further into the profile so I am now on English as the setting. I hope you are well and have many great sightings over the holidays thanks paul
    • I'm here to work and put this board back together. However, I've been away for a year and need a few of you guys to help me focus on the priorities. Paul, I trust that you will provide me with some useful information.
      From the users perspective, and since the new software installation, what functionality still needs to be restored (excluding appearance issues). Please include in your list, any other issues you may be aware of or reported by other members.
      Lastly, what enhancements could be added to the software that would improve your visit Please give it some thought and take your time. However, I could use your feedback on the other issues ASAP, Once I receive input from the others I pull it together a share an action plan.
      You cool? This is all I will ask.