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  • HI I have submitted an application for FC member, I believe I meet the requirements, and have a lot more personal content I would like to share to a discrete few like in FC.

    I hope you will consider my application.


  • Bonjour Nicolas

    Je ne sais pas si j'ai raison ou si je suis intolérant mais ce post m'a choqué : Trached, laryngectomized, ventilator, respirator


    • Je trouve aussi cette thématique assez bizarre (pour ne pas dire plus...), d'autant plus dans le contexte actuel avec des centaines de personnes intubées pour de cause de Covid. Après, chacun son fétichisme, mais je t'avoue que c'est borderline. Personne n'a fait remonter ce sujet jusqu'à présent, mais si ça devait être le cas, alors on engagera une discussion avec les modérateurs.


  • hello bioco,

    i would like become a full member. please give me full acess - thank you so much!

    best wishes, alex

    • Hello alex,

      i'm sorry, but your posting history does not justify to give you more access rights at the moment. You only made one meaningful post since Feb 2014 and the post you made earlier this week was not compliant with the board rules.

      Please make a few (good) posts in the near future and I'll upgrade your status.

      Thanks for your understanding.



  • Hallo. I can go into Frequent Contributor? I please you. Thank

    • Hello,

      I'm back from today aftre being on vacation for the last 10 days.

      To be honest I think you do not deserve to be promoted to the FC board. Most of your contributions are "commercial" ones (your aim is to sell videos of your sightings) and those cannot be considered as relevant contributions for a promotion to the next level. At a personal level I've never understood people trying to make money out of sightings. I share all my pictures for free as I consider this being my way to thank the community for sharing so many webfinds and sightings.

      In addition, several moderators complain about you posting link to IG profiles of various girls spotted in sightings. Thos goes against board rules that try to protect girl's privacy.

      Thanks for your understanding.



  • Hello, I've recently uploaded a picture in this thread: Cast guys' mixed webfinds

    I've however lost the locally saved version of the picture I had. I can't download it from the thread because I can't open it, is there any way to make this possible?

    • Hi,

      I've upgraded your access rights (highly deserved as you contribute on a regular basis) and you sjould now be able to view pictures in full-size and download any picture you need.

      Please let me know if it does not work.

      Have a nice weekend,


  • Bonjour Nicolas

    Peux tu downloader cette video uniquement disponible en suisse?…-auf-kruecken-ganze-folge


    • Salut jean-Luc,

      je peux effectivement accéder à la vidéo, mais je ne sais absolument pas comment la télécharger ??!!??

      Y a-t'il un moyen facile?

      Bonne soirée,


  • Can I be recognized so I can view/download attachments? Thanks!

    • Hi! You need 20 posts to be able to view pictures. You are not far! Thanks to let me know if it does not work because we have sometimes problem with the sutomatic update of access rights.

    • I’m up to 20 posts and the automatic update didn’t work. Can you look into that? Thanks!

    • Should work now! Can you try and confirm it is the case?

  • excuses moi, je me suis trompé! peux tu migrer ce thread sur le webfinds board other sightings stp merci
    New topic : Prom, wedding, graduation and ceremonies (injured woman with cast, crutches, splint et others). Contribute please!

  • Hey there -- my Casted Memories Forum in SPONSORS is mistakenly closed. Can you open it please? RGDS Alex

  • Hallo,
    Es tut mir leid, aber ich kenne nicht das Grund dafür. Seit Jahren bin ich nicht mehr im Management-Team dieses Forums. Besser sollst du krueckenlover eine PN schicken.

  • hallo bioco
    obwohl ich angemeldet bin und schon seit jahren mitglied bin besitze ich nach der umstellung keine zugrifferechte mehr.
    wie kann das sein?
    ms caster