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  • I'm trying to delete my account. Can you help me? Its causing problems at home and I need to fix my marriage and save my family
  • Ram trying to post pictures, but the language displaying on the site is German. How do switch it to English.
    • sorry for the late reply. you can access the "control panel" under your avatar icon at the top right of the page. Select "settings" & "general". You should see the option to select language. Let me know if you have other questions.
  • Does this vid is acceptable with the rules? Can i post this link? Thanks : vimeo.com/104715656
  • hi Ip808 I understand for the delete of my post . I will read more intensivly the rules. sorry

    Best regards
  • hi lp808. i am new here. i noticed you delete my wf post about sock. i suppose you are right. i suppose i don't understand very well the rules. can you explain me to not make an another mistake,
    best regards
  • Call me @ 717-216-1739
    • Good to hear from you. I just got back in town, I'll try to contact you this weekend.
    • Good to know your still involved. Any idea what we lost? I can't follow the thread because they all wrote in German. I have no time for that.