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  • Hey Isight. I would be willing to fund a couple of weeks of your baller tv subscription.

    Tell me how much and where I should send paypal to

  • Thank you for all of the work that you do. Really appreciate it. Just wondering why you re-post finds of others as your own?

  • Once again, thank you to you and your friend on your latest rec work. She is so pretty and feminine.

  • UPD: oh, sorry, my bad. it was already posted in other thread.

  • Oi! O que está faltando para mim ter acesso a todos os conteúdos do fórum?

  • Hi iSightCast, your latest model is absolutely stunning. She is so pretty and feminine. I love the sundress and even the glasses. Please thank her for us. Is there any chance you will be doing American underarm crutches with the ace bandage and aircast? Would she be up for nice, brightly painted toes? Thank you both for everything!

  • I do not know if i did this right, but i did manage to take a few photos when i ran upstairs to use the restroom. I did not bother posting them because they're pretty blurry and do not whatsoever, but I figured you may appreciate them.