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  • Hello, you have been granted access to the board about one week ago, but you did not make any significant contribution yet. Thanks for starting soon to contribute otherwise I'll be forced to revocate your access rights. Regards, bioco
    • Contributed today. It was a matter of accessing my old files.
    • Great! Congratulations for your first post! Hope it is the first of a long series ;)
    • Thanks! I've got a lot of material up but it seems everyone saves their best for the "frequent contributor" board? I think I'll hold onto most of my personal x-rated stuff (not webfinds or camgirls) for that but will continue to upload a lot more (even some R-rated). Thanks again!
    • Sorry for my late reply. Please note that access to the Frequent Contributors section is only granted after you demonstrate your ability to post good stuff on a regular basis. You do not automatically access after a certain amount of time. Regards